User Interface

I am focused on interface design for web and mobile. A great user interface is carefully crafted with intelligent user journeys and corresponding smart designs that provide relevant, meaningful and personally experiences.

Corporate Identity

It's all about interpreting a brand, communicating its attitude and providing flexible elements for its appearance. Building up new brands from the start and giving them an unique image has always been fascinating to me.

Digital Campaigns

Creating smart ideas always starts with brainstorming. It’s important to find the right way to communicate the idea in a digital way – it doesn’t matter which digital product the idea is being used for, but how to get the message to the user.

    Hey folks

    I am Matthias, an Art Director in the digital sphere based in Hamburg, Germany. I worked for several agencies in cooperation with big brands and also some cool smaller projects. I love digital experiences, functional design and great stories. I’m passionate about sports, music, urban cultures, and my own streetwear label.