PwC Legal

Interdisziplinäre Rechtsberatung

About the Project

Client: PwC Legal – Work: Website Relaunch, Strategy, Concept, Data model, Layouts, Prototypes – Agency: shift GmbH

PwC Legal is an interdisciplinary legal consultancy, that is part of the global PwC network. Users could search for the right lawyer for their needs, as well as other relevant expert articles and services from various areas of law. In addition to optimized user flows we worked on a design facelift. But the main update is the data structure behind all interfaces. In the future, editors will be able to maintain their content in such a way that all information is linked to a data-setup and this can be automatically output in several and different places on pages & templates. This greatly reduces the effort involved in maintenance. Within the team we developed a design system with tokens, patterns and components and tested the layouts via prototypes.




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